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November 10, 2022 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools Driver App: Top 20 Tools To Help You Run More Efficiently

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Trucker Tools App

What differentiates the Trucker Tools driver app from other trucker apps is its multi-functionality and versatility. The driver app doesn’t do just one thing like most driver apps. Instead, it’s an all-in-one app with nearly 30 tools and features that save you time (and money) on the road. The app also isn’t a “one and done” technology. It can be used again and again with multiple brokers for load tracking, load booking and much, much more. 

Check out these top 20 driver app features that help you run more efficiently.

1. Free and Paid Parking

Truck parking is a real problem for the industry — that’s no secret. You can search for free and paid parking options in seconds with Trucker Tools’ driver app. To get started, simply tap on Parking, enter your location and ETA, and that’s it!

2. Walmart Locator

Whether you’re looking to stock up on supplies or do your grocery shopping, the driver app’s Walmart locator can certainly come in handy. To access the Walmart locator, tap on Walmart under the Explore or Places menu. Just looking for groceries? Tap on Filter and choose Food and Supermarket.

3. Routing and Fuel Optimizer

The Routing and Fuel Optimizer is one of the first features we added to the Trucker Tools app and it’s a powerful one. Accessible via the three line hamburger menu, the optimizer identifies the cheapest fuel on your route, helping you save time and money. 

4. Load Search

A time-saving alternative to load boards, the app’s load search lets you search for loads with your favorite brokers in seconds. To search for loads, tap on Loads in the three-line hamburger menu or under Explore or Places in the app.

5. Backhauls on Every Load

For every load that you view in the Trucker Tools app, available reloads automatically are displayed. This allows you to calculate your potential net profit before you agree to move a load. It also just saves you the work of looking for a backhaul separately. 

6. Digital Rate Confirmations

The Trucker Tools app also makes it possible for you to send and receive digital rate quotes to/from freight brokers. Sending a broker an offer on a load takes a few seconds in the app, versus a several minutes long phone conversation with the broker. 

7. Book It Now®

Loads that are labeled with a red Book It Now® button in the app can be booked immediately at the broker’s listed rate. Don’t like the rate listed? Simply tap on Quote to send the broker a higher rate or tap on the phone button to call the broker. 

8. SONAR Rates

Thanks to a new partnership between Trucker Tools and FreightWaves, SONAR’s average, high and low rates are now displayed in the driver app on non-Book It Now loads at no cost to truckers. This real-time rate info can help make sure your pricing is competitive and that you’re not underpricing. 

9. Trip Planning

The app’s Routing and Fuel Optimizer also can be used for trip-planning. After you enter your starting point and final destination, tap on Details and you can see the total distance you’ll cover on the run, as well as the estimated driving time.

10. Rest Area Finder

To find a rest area with the app’s Rest Area Finder, tap on Rest Area under Explore or Places from the bottom navigation menu. Enter your destination (if you haven’t already) and your ETA, and the app will find you all of the rest areas along your route. 

11. Truck Stop Guide

The driver app’s Truck Stop Guide locates truck stops nearby your current location and/or along your route. For each truck stop listed in your search results, you can see the price of diesel, whether parking is available and other important info. As always, you can tap on Filter to narrow your results.

12. Cargo Insurance

Thanks to Trucker Tools’ partnership with Loadsure, you also can purchase cargo insurance on spot market loads right within the driver app. In the three-line lefthand navigation menu, tap on Cargo Insurance and enter the details on the load. Once you do, you’ll receive an instant insurance quote on the load.

13. Driver Loyalty Program

Our free Driver Loyalty Program rewards you just for using the Trucker Tools app. Yes, really! You can earn free TruckerPoints by doing things such as tracking loads or booking loads with brokers. These TruckerPoints then can be redeemed for free gift cards to more than 200 different U.S. retailers. 

14. Load Track

Load tracking is another valuable tool included in the Trucker Tools driver app. Unlike most apps that track broker loads, the load tracking tool in our app can be used again and again with many different brokers. Plus, you always can see who is receiving the tracking data and have the option to pause or cancel the track at any time from within the app.

15. Document Upload

Once you reach your final destination when tracking a load with the app, you have the option to scan and send BoL and PoD documents to brokers immediately through the app. This speeds up payments, which is always a good thing!

16. Detention Tracking

When you track a load with the Trucker Tools app, all of your location pings are recorded and timestamped. After the load is delivered, you can use screenshots of these pings to document detention time and request detention pay.

17. Weigh Scale Finder

If you just crossed a state line and you’re worried about your weight, the Trucker Tools app has you covered. Tap on Explore or Places, then choose Weigh Scales. The Weigh Scales tool will display weigh scales along your route, the distance to each one and how recently this info has been updated.

18. Axle Weight Calculator

The driver app’s Axle Weight Calculator helps you calculate you axle weights quickly. Simply enter your steers weight, tractor weight, and combined tractor and trailer weight and the tool will help you balance your load and ensure it’s legal.

19. Truck Wash Finder

Don’t want to turn up at the shipper’s warehouse with a dirty truck and trailer? Use the Truck Wash finder tool in the Trucker Tools driver app to locate nearby truck washes. Each listing in your search results includes the address and phone number for the truck wash, as well as the distance from your current location.

20. Turn by Turn Directions

Just looking for directions? Tap on Route in the bottom navigation menu within the app and enter your destination. Turn by turn directions will be displayed and you can also see a visual of your route displayed in a map view.

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