September 15, 2020 | TruckerTools

Who Has the Best Digital Load Matching Tool?

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Digital load matching uses technology to pair broker/shipper loads with available truck capacity. Digital load matching is gaining popularity with brokers, 3PLs, carriers and truckers alike because it’s much more effective and efficient than using load boards. When digital load matching software first made an appearance in the industry, it was only affordable to and used by mega brokers and mega carriers. Today, digital load matching technology is a scalable, affordable technology used by businesses of all sizes across the supply chain because it outperforms traditional methods for finding truck capacity.

Load Boards: The Opposite of Real-Time

Digital load matching was born in part because of the deficiencies of load boards. Load boards are problematic for both brokers and carriers because they aren’t real-time. With load boards, there are time delays between your communications with carriers. Information on loads and trucks is not updated automatically on load boards and carriers can’t view your available loads in real-time. You have to post a load to the load board(s) and wait for responses from carriers to come through the load board or by phone. In the interim, you may have already covered that load.

Load boards also aren’t efficient. Using load boards to find truck capacity is a time and resource-intensive process. It takes time for your staff members to post your loads to load boards, respond to carrier inquiries and negotiate rates by phone or email. If a member of your staff calls a trucker or dispatcher about a load, the call may go to voicemail so they can’t take an immediate action on the load. They may have to call the driver/dispatcher several times to discuss the load(s) and to negotiate the rate(s). The more time and effort you devote to covering a single load, the higher your cost per load and the lower your profit margins will be.

Cover Loads Quickly with Trucker Tools’ Digital Load Matching

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity digital load matching platform matches your loads with qualified truck capacity from your network of preferred carriers in a matter of seconds. Our digital freight matching shows the best matches at the top of the list so that your staff members can quickly identify the best truck capacity available for a load. Your staff members don’t have to post to a load board, send bulk emails on a daily basis or make multiple phone calls to find truck capacity. With Trucker Tools’ digital load matching, you also can search for carrier capacity by carrier name, geographic location, type of freight and other factors from within your network of preferred carriers. Covering a load takes minutes, not hours with Trucker Tools.

Thanks to a software integration between our Smart Capacity digital freight matching platform and your transportation management system, the load information that carriers and owner operators see is updated in real-time. Carriers and drivers won’t be calling or emailing you about loads that you’ve already covered. That increases your operational efficiency and reduces your cost per load because your staff members are spending less time on frustrating, back-and-forth communications with carriers.

If you receive emails from carriers advertising available truck capacity, you also can add that capacity to our digital freight matching platform for load/truck matching purposes. Set a rule in your email system to auto-forward any capacity-related emails to Trucker Tools and our support team will add that truck capacity information to our Smart Capacity digital freight matching platform. This can be a huge time-saver for you because you can quickly and clearly view all available truck capacity in Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform.

Provide a Positive Carrier Experience with Trucker Tools’ Digital Load Matching

Equally important, digital load matching provides a better experience for owner operators and carriers than load boards can. When you post your loads to Trucker Tools’ digital load matching platform, truckers can view those loads in Trucker Tools’ free driver app, while carriers can view your available loads in our free carrier platform.The loads you post in Trucker Tools’ digital load matching platform include all of the information they need to make an informed decision. Trucking companies and owner operators don’t need to log onto a load board, email you or call your office to find out what you have for loads. At the end of the day, digital freight matching delivers greater efficiency to your carrier partners.

Trucker Tools’ digital load matching also is more convenient for carriers than load boards. Carriers can view your available loads via Trucker Tools’ driver app or free carrier platform 24 hours/day, seven days/week. They don’t have to wait for your office to open in order to communicate with you about your loads. Carriers may submit rate quotes to you quickly through Trucker Tools’ driver app or through our carrier platform any time. If you post your loads as Book It Now® loads in Trucker Tools’ digital load matching platform, they can book your loads directly through the driver app or our free platform for trucking companies. That boosts efficiency even further.

In a tight capacity market like the current one, you can bet that carriers will choose to work with brokers who make their lives easier. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching does just that.

To learn more about navigating the capacity crunch, read When Capacity Tightens, Use Technology To Build a Loyal Carrier Network. Schedule a demo of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity digital freight matching platform.

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